SR-01John William Barger III offers unique, value-added services to both the luxury publishing industry and the fashion-conscious consumer. We have special access to the widest array of merchandise from an endless list of designers and boutiques, from storied haute couture houses to the latest under-the-radar brands. Through our extensive network and partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue, we are able to provide the client a broad assortment that is as unique as it is exclusive. In other words, no one else will ever wear what we deliver to you!

IMG_7584 By having a stylist at your disposal, you can rest assured that whatever you wear will be not only fashionable and flattering, it will communicate what you strive to tell the world. We save you time and save you money by selecting only the best options in a truly individualized experience. While the possibilities are endless, below are some of our most popular styling options.


A Day with your Personal Shopper: Spend the day browsing your favorite stores with your own personal shopper at your disposal. After a brief introductory session, set your own pace and receive help selecting the optimum attire for your needs and lifestyle, all while maintaining a high fashion edge. Finally, obtain personalized pairing suggestions that will ensure every look you purchase is as show-stopping as it is unique.



Shop Your Closet: Tired of the same old looks over and over again, but don’t have the budget to buy out a boutique? Let your personal stylist shop your closet and reinvent your favorites in new ways that feel fresh and current. Reorganize and regroup your garments by weeding out worn and dated duds and keeping the classics. After everything has been purged, get advice on what pivotal pieces you are lacking, and which purchases will make the greatest impact for your new, streamlined wardrobe.


An Affair to Remember: Do you have a special event coming up where you must look your best? Whether it is for a family gathering, a swanky cocktail soiree, or the black tie bash of the season, you will have the opportunity to be styled head-to-toe to ensure you keep heads turning. From the ultimate clothing and accessories to pristine makeup and hair, your personal stylist will guide you in making the perfect selections either from the finest area stores or right from your own closet. Samples may also be provided upon request.

All options include a discussion of current high-fashion trends, shopping tips, and personal styling tricks to help you maintain your look. Written feedback can be provided afterwards upon request. We also facilitate exclusive access to fashion shows and events for our high net-worth clients on a case-by-case basis.